Operating a business isn’t easy, and the liquor industry presents a unique set of challenges by requiring the owner to remain in compliance with a wide array of state and federal regulations. A point of sale system that is designed to support retail liquor stores offers a variety of benefits that help to alleviate these stresses. Many business owners aren’t aware of the benefits, but the following is a quick look at the most popular advantages and why companies large and small are making the switch.

Reporting Tool

Liquor stores sell upwards of 3,000 products, and managing an inventory of that size is nearly impossible manually. The reporting tool in a POS system will streamline tracking and simplify the process of submitting sales reports to any enforcement agencies. Reports also make it easy to track when products need to be ordered and will ensure that a business has items in stock and ready to sell at all times.

Age Verification Enforcement

It is devastating when a sale is made to a minor and often leads to revocation of a liquor permit which is detrimental to a business. A POS System for Liquor Stores requires employees to check identification before making a sale, ensuring compliance. Most systems are also compatible with laser scanners that allow employees to scan the barcode strip on an ID and prove that a person’s age was verified before completing a sale.

Customer Loyalty Module

One of the easiest ways to keep customers coming back for more is to reward them for their purchases. By allowing consumers to register their phone number or e-mail address their total purchases will be tracked and enable a store to offer exclusive discounts and offerings to targeted customers. A loyalty program makes it easy to reward consumers and will increase repeat customers.

Don’t let the day to day responsibilities of managing a liquor store lead to excess stress. The software offerings from Korona help eliminate worry and streamline each transaction. Check out their website or call today to learn more and see how affordable and straightforward managing a liquor store should be.